Ultima Ascension sites

Ultima Horizons in the Internet Archive
This was once the number one site for information and news on Ultima IX.
Hayn Dragon's old Ultima IX pictures
Huge gallery of pictures from older, unreleased versions of Ultima IX.
The Ultima Void
Tools to edit Ultima Ascension.
Ultima IX Powertools
Interesting Ultima IX tools.
ABRA's savegame archive
Huge (German) savegame archive. Download a savegame when you’ve been struck by a plot-stopper or are sick of swimming, jumping, and fighting in dungeons.
Hannibal's Ultima IX Page
Easter eggs, funny clips, and interesting hints for Ascension, including a guide to hack items into shop lists.

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Remakes and patches

The Reconstruction
News and downloads of Ultima fan projects, patches, extensions.
The Exodus Project
EGA, VGA, and Midi patches for Ultima 2, 3, 4, and 5.
Auric's Ultima Moongates
Home of the Ultima 4 patch.
Ultima IV: The Dawn of Virtue
Jaakko Peltonen’s very promising Ultima 4 remake.
Another Ultima 4 Remake.
Ultima V: Lazarus
A very ambitious project to remake Ultima 5 with the beautiful Dungeon Siege 3D engine.
The Ultima VI Project
A 3D remake of Ultima 6, using the Dungeon Siege engine.
A program that runs Ultima 7 (part 1 and 2) in Windows, adding some new features.
Ultima 7 in Windows
Relief for everyone who wants to play Ultima 7 (Part 1 and 2) and Ultima 8 without any problems in Windows. The original programs are not changed.
Ultima VIII: Exile
An attempt to recreate Ultima 8 with the Neverwinter Nights engine.
Ultima 9: Redemption
A remake of Ultima 9, which will use an entirely new plot.

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Message boards and communities
RGCUD, the Ultima Dragons’ newsgroup
Google's RGCUD archive
Web-based Google archive of the RGCUD newsgroup.
The Wayward Avatar
The largest Ultima message board in the web.
Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter
Largest Internet fan club for Ultima.

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Fan fiction

Lair of the Evil_Freak
Evil_Freak Dragon’s archive of Ultima fan-fiction.
The Ultima 9 Tales
Though not exactly “fan”-fiction, these are great stories about the 8 Virtues, which never made it into the game.
The Tale of Captain Johne
Most famous and probably even best Ultima fan-fiction out there.
Dragon Press
Another huge fan-fiction archive.
Shadow of Light Dragon
Homepage of SoL, the famous fan-fiction author.
Mimu's stories
Ultima-inspired stories by Mimu.
Ultima Lair of Great Siberian Dragon
Fan fiction and nice artwork.

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Other sites

IT-HE Software
A truly marvelous site, which makes an absolute fool of Ultima 6, 7, 8, and especially 9. You must see that, or you are no real Ultima fan. Go there now, you will spend hours laughing!
Dino's Ultima Page
Your number one resource for Ultima news. Updated almost daily. Highly recommendable.
Another site to update you on the latest news in the world of Ultima.
Ultima Info
Paulon Dragon’s Ultima site - You won’t find more Ultima information and resources anywhere in the web.
Ultima WWW Archive
Origin’s official Ultima Web Archive hasn’t been updated for years, but it contains many useful Ultima files such as maps, documentations, and walkthroughs.
Ganesh's Website
The best and most comprehensive Ultima 7 site in the web.
Underworld Dragon's Notable Ultima
Get dialogue and book transcripts from Ultima 4 to 8 here.
Stygian Abyss
Lots of information about the Underworld series.
Terilem Dragon's Ultima Website
Old Ultima news, with nice essay on EA.
Sir Cabirus' Homepage
History and background of Ultima, composed by Sir Cabirus Dragon.
Denis Loubet's Homepage
Homepage of Denis Loubet, longstanding Origin artist.
Mysterious Sosaria
The most beautiful Ultima renderings in the whole web.
Dor-lomin: The Realm of Hurin
Ultima 6 MP3s.
Ultima Lives
Ether Dragon’s website: Screenshots, walkthroughs, links, nice design.
The Ultima Collector's Guide
The finest and most complete Ultima collector’s guide in existence.
Houston Dragon's Ultima Page
Download Ultima 4 here. It’s legal! The website is also home of the Ultima Resource Library.
Ultima Storyline FAQ
Possible explanations for many inconsistencies in the Ultima series.
Origin museum
Much interesting background information on Origin, the creators of Ultima.

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Apart from Ultima

Phil Farrands Nitpicker Central
Farrand’s Star Trek nitpicker guides were the inspiration for Hacki’s Ultima Page.
The Nitpickers Site
Even more nitpicking.
Flag ship of the C64 community in the Web. - The Bard's Tale
Very good website about the Bard’s Tale series.
The Monkey Island SCUMM Bar
Great website about Monkey Island. (Monkey Island 1 is my favourite computer game ever!)

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