Author: Hacki Dragon

Could you be the next Avatar?

The Avatar rose into a higher sphere of existance, and Britannia needs a new hero and savior to cope with daily problems. Since the Codex is recovered and no other important things are to be done, Lord British has all candidates participate in a written test at his castle.

Which Dungeon opposes Humility?

What is your gender?

An extradimensional being enters Britannia with evil plans, althoughyou once prevented it from doing so. What will you do now?

You have noticed that all paladins in Trinsic have become evil. As an Avatar, what will you do in this situation?

What is the mantra of Honesty?

What will you do if someone offers you the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom at the black market?

Once again, you set off to an adventure in Britannia. What must younot forget under any circumstances?

How dangerous is the Great Stygian Abyss in your opinion?

Where lie the secrets of Justice?

Where do the Wyrm Guards come from?

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Name des Betreibers: Christian Hackl
Wohnort: Kapfenberg

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