Theory about floating elevators and stairways

Author: Tribun Dragon

The spread of those odd floating elevators in the houses of Ascension makes me wonder if not only basement stairs will soon fall victim to legislation but also stairs in general. Best examples are Lord British’s Castle and Moonglow. Will they be outlawing stairs?

As you can see, Lord British has become quite old and weak. Since our good Lord has turned into a petty egoist dictator long since, he has enacted a law that prohibits building of new stairs completely, just to make it easier for him:

  • Phase 1 was the ban on basement stairs, which has been realized in almost all places in Britannia today, along with the mandatory use of teleportation pads for the same purpose.
  • Phase 2 had just begun when the Avatar entered Britannia. It involves the replacement of all stairways to upper floors by floating elevators, and is already used excessively in Lord British’s Castle and Moonglow.

In Lord British’s Castle, there aren’t any stairways to upper floors left today, with the transitional exception of two ramps.

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