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What is Ultima?
Ultima is a famous, more than 20 years old classic computer role playing game series created by Richard Garriott alias “Lord British”. Ultima Ascension, released in late 1999, was the last installment, apart from the various Ultima Online spin-offs (which are not considered real Ultimas by vets anyway).
Visit the Ultima WWW Archive or Paulon Dragon’s Ultima Site to get more general Ultima information.
I have finished Ultima IX, and now I'd like to have an overview of the whole series.
There are dozens of websites out there where you can find the information you want. Visit the Ultima WWW Archive or Paulon Dragon’s Ultima website. Be advised, though, that you will discover many inaccuracies in Ultima Ascension by studying the older Ultimas.
Where can I get the older Ultimas?
Hint: Try the RPGDot shop. Or try e-bay. You may also want to watch out for the Ultima IX Dragon Edition, as it contains the Ultima Collection.
Note, however, that Ultima 4 is freeware! You can get the game at Houston Dragon’s Ultima Page. It is a legal download. Don’t ask me for warez, because I will ignore such inquiries.
The two Underworld games, by the way, were included in EA’s “The Ultimate RPG Archives” collection.
I need a hint for [insert Ultima].
You won’t find any walkthroughs on this website, because that’s not what it is about. Try at the Wayward Avatar board instead.
How can I get the older Ultimas to run in Windows?
For Ultima 7 and 8, there are fan-made patches available. In addition, there is Exult for Ultima 7, another tool to run Ultima 7 in Windows.
A list of further patches can be found at The Reconstruction. You will also find information about modern remakes of many classic Ultimas there.
What is the original plot of Ultima IX?
I wrote an article about this topic, including the original plot.
How can I enable the fly cheat in Ultima IX?
Open the file default.kmp with Notepad and add this line:
alt+shift+f = toggle_avatar_fly
Now start the game and press alt+shift+f. The Avatar will be able to fly and go through walls.

About the nitpicks

I have discovered a new nitpick! Can I send it to you?
Yes, of course! Simply go to the page to submit new nitpicks.
I think I can explain a nitpick.
If your explanation is not too far-fetched and does not rely on too many assumptions, then I’d appreciate your comments. Send me an e-mail to or post at the message board. See also page to submit new nitpicks.
Why haven't you added the nitpick I sent to you?
Well, I don’t add every nitpick. When I don’t add a certain nitpick, it’s mostly because I consider it to be a little too strict or pedantic. If that’s the case, then I’ll tell you anyway in my reply. Note that I don’t instantly add all new nitpicks. I always wait until the next site update.
Aren't there any bugs listed on your website?
No. This site is not about bugs.

About the website

Where do you have those cool pics of Iolo, Shamino, Dupre, and Lord British on the nitpick start page from?
It’s parts of the cover of Ultima Collection’s Japanese version.

Dialogue patch for Ultima Ascension

Where can I download the patch?
You can download the patch, along with other fan-made Ultima IX patches, at The Reconstruction.
Isn't the speech inconsistent with the written text now?
You must turn speech off. This patch was made by fans with a 0$ budget, so recording voices would have been impossible.
Are there localized versions of the patch?
No, the patch is available in English only.
I don't have the English version of Ultima IX. Will there be a weird mixture of English and my own language in the dialogues?
No. The patch replaces the entire text files; every little piece of text in the game will be in English (with a few unimportant exceptions in the journal/spellbook).
Are there keywords instead of full sentences now?
To what extent is the dialogue changed? Is the plot still the same?
The creators of the patch could only edit existing dialogue lines, not add new ones. Therefore, the general design of the plot remains intact. However, there are countless references to previous Ultimas, and many NPCs are more complex characters now. The whole game appears to be more mature. If you want examples, browse the Ascension nitpicks on this website.

Still questions?

Why not post them at the message board? Or send me an e-mail to

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