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Nitpick news: New nitpicks
August 22nd 2002, by Hacki Dragon

Yeah, new nitpicks for:

  • Valoria
  • New Magincia
  • Journal
  • Ultima 4
  • Ultima 6
  • Ultima 7
  • Ultima 7: Serpent Isle

Ultima news: forum
August 17th 2002, by Hacki Dragon

It took ages, but it seems to work so far:
German has once again a forum.

Website news: Poll
August 11th 2002, by Hacki Dragon

There’s a new poll again. This time, it’s about age groups. The results of the previous poll:

How do you like the UA soundtrack?
1. It’s good on its own merits, but not real Ultima style. 27%
2. Very good. 25%
3. Not too bad, but nothing extraordinary. 22%
4. I hate it because it’s part of UA! 13%
5. I like the soundtrack as I like UA in general. 13%
6. It’s not good. 0%

Sounds fair.

Website news: Coding stuff
August 8th 2002, by Hacki Dragon

I have edited the HTML code of the site in regards to standards compliance. Which means: If everything looks the same as before and works the same way, all is OK.
On a related note, Hotmail currently seems to have serious problems, which is the reason why I can’t use my e-mail account at the moment. Besides, a virus recently destroyed my system - As a consequence, the next updates may take some time.

Nitpick news: Big nitpick update
August 2nd 2002, by Hacki Dragon

Updates for Ultima 4, Ultima 5, Ultima 7, Serpent Isle, Ultima 8, Underworld 1, Moonglow, Minoc, New Magincia, and Terfin.

Ultima news: Ultima music
August 2nd 2002, by Hacki Dragon

Stop by at this site. Some nice remixes of classic Ultima music can be found there.

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