Ultima I nitpicks


Ultima I doesn’t leave much room for nitpicking. The whole computergames industry was still in its infancy, and Ultima was never planned as a whole series. That’s why Richard Garriott didn’t bother much with sense and logic of his game. 1986, an official Ultima I remake was released by Origin. It didn’t change anything about the content, but it contained a manual and neat gimmicks (a few coins from the Age of Darkness).
By the way, you were allowed to choose your gender in Ultima I... Which you can’t in Ultima IX, as you know.

Ignorance of predecessors

  • The coins that came with the game in the 1986 remake are supposed to be the same ones as in the game. Yet they display a Codex Symbol!
    Discovering the Codex and understanding the Codex symbol were major aspects of Ultima IV. It’s entirely illogical that we find this symbol in the Age of Darkness. (The same for the Ankh in the manual. I really don’t think it has something to do with the ankh on the clerics book in Ultima III.)
    (by Tribun Dragon)
  • Another mistake in the manual of the 1986 remake.

    “Most settlements are graced with public houses where a tankard of strong ale from the region of Trinsic or a flagon of the best Jhelom mead may be had for but a few coins.”

    Uhm, doh, there’s neither Trinsic nor Jhelom in Ultima I.
    (by Natreg Dragon)

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General problems

  • Back in the time when Mondain was terrorizing the land, you needed four colored gems, which would be used to destroy Mondain. Shamino had one of them, but did he give them to the hero? Noooo... you had to go out and kill some random monster first.
    (Remember, Shamino is an old friend of Lord British, and the king definitely puts confidence in him.)
    (by Hans Norleaf)

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