Ultima III nitpicks

“Drink up!”

There’s clearly a stronger concept behind Ultima III than its two predecessors. However, Sosaria’s still not very mature, so be lenient as a nitpicker. The story of the game isn’t that bad, even though the “Kill the mighty villain!” quest was certainly more innovative in 1983 than it is today. On the other hand, Ultima IX is based on the same basic idea...

The following nitpick is new:

Ignorance of predecessors

  • Quote from the manual:

    “From the ruins of Minax’s castle have come several fragments of a manuscript which hints at a dark secret.”

    How’s that supposed to be possible? Minax’ Castle Shadowguard was in the Time of Legends, and the Time Gates have been closed because of her death.
    (by Tribun Dragon)

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Technical shortcomings

  • The currency system in Sosaria and later in Britannia can’t work. There are only gold pieces and no smaller coins. Yet gold is the most precious of all materials, so all prices are unrealistic. (Ultima I was actually very progressive in regards to this.)
    (by Tribun Dragon)
  • New nitpick: Why isn’t there money in any location other than a chest?
    (by Corwin)

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