Ultima II nitpicks

“Pay your taxes!”

Ultima II is unquestionably the craziest part of the entire series, so you have to be very cautious dealing with it. Richard Garriott himself once described it as follows in an interview:

“This is the potpourri of games. It had Earth, multiple time zones, fantasy past, science-fiction future, traveling to the nine planets, 3D Star Wars-ian space travel, 2D Star Trek-style docking, 3D dungeons - way too much.”
Fair enough, milord! Hence, we nitpickers will just ignore the most brainless parts of Ultima II. Otherwise, we’d end up with a huge of list of obvious and boring inaccuracies. To mercilessly nitpick Ultima II would be as useful and exciting as the conclusion that “2+2=5” is false.

You discovered a nitpick not yet listed on this site? Send it to me! You are also welcome to use the message board for discussions about nitpicks.

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