Cataclysm Kit theory

Author: Miguel Nollet

Ultima IX Cataclysm Box
The box

OSI had some weird marketing plans in 1998.

Attention kids!
Now you can mess up Britannia with the interactive Cataclysm Kit! Crush whole continents, destroy castles, and replace them with floating orbs in the sky! Shrink the world up to four times! Destroy whole towns, and switch dungeons from place! Move other dungeons across the globe, ignoring all Ultima predecessors! Then make up your very own non-canon story, and if it’s good... we’ll use it in Ultima IX! That’s right, we’re making a contest where you can imagine the story! Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter all that much, and you have plenty of time, as we do, because the story isn’t important and can be altered the last minute!
(No previous Ultima experience required, except maybe Ultima VIII). Origin Systems 1998

Ultima VII map
The map

Box contents: one map of Britannia, a pair of scissors, and glue.

Fortunately, the campaign was later cancelled, but Origin people supposedly had still great fun with the kit...

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