Author: Jhykron

Note by Hacki Dragon: This story is awesome. It explains almost every inaccuracy in UA! Lots of excitement granted: The Guardian seems to succeed in conquering Britannia at last, while the Avatar’s stuck in Pagan. Will substitute hero Jhykron thwart Big Red’s plans this time?

Before we start, Jhykron would like to explain what Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary says about the word “Dissention”:

Main Entry: disĚsenĚsion
Variant(s): also disĚsenĚtion /di-’sen(t)-sh&n/
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin dissension-, dissensio, from dissentire
Date: 14th century
: DISAGREEMENT; especially : partisan and contentious quarreling
synonym see DISCORD

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