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The fan-made dialogue patch, also called "U9 fan patch", changes the dialogues and books in Ultima IX to get rid of many inaccuracies, holes in the storyline, and flaws in the plot. It greatly increases the general quality of the game, and if you're an Ultima veteran, you just have to install the patch. Give it a try! You can download the it, along with other fan-made Ultima IX patches, at The Reconstruction.

I have replayed the whole game with the patch, and I was amazed at how many flaws it successfully explains. Outstanding work; congratulations to Grandor Dragon and the whole team.

A "Corrected in Dialogue Patch" button appears next to inaccuracies that are listed in the Ultima IX: Ascension nitpicks and were addressed in the patch:

Corrected in Dialogue Patch

Currently counting 99 Ultima IX nitpicks explained by dialogue patch.

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Frequently asked questions

You have a question about the dialogue patch? Read this (unofficial) FAQ:

Where can I download the patch?
You can download the patch, along with other fan-made Ultima IX patches, at The Reconstruction.
Isn't the speech inconsistent with the written text now?
You must turn speech off. This patch was made by fans with a 0$ budget, so recording voices would have been impossible.
Are there localized versions of the patch?
No, the patch is available in English only.
I don't have the English version of Ultima IX. Will there be a weird mixture of English and my own language in the dialogues?
No. The patch replaces the entire text files; every little piece of text in the game will be in English (with a few unimportant exceptions in the journal/spellbook).
Are there keywords instead of full sentences now?
To what extent is the dialogue changed? Is the plot still the same?
The creators of the patch could only edit existing dialogue lines, not add new ones. Therefore, the general design of the plot remains intact. However, there are countless references to previous Ultimas, and many NPCs are more complex characters now. The whole game appears to be more mature. If you want examples, browse the Ascension nitpicks on this website.

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