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Nitpick news: New patch comments
October 31st 2001, by Hacki Dragon

A small update. Since I recently got a grip on continuing to play Ultima 9 with the dialogue patch, I discovered many, many corrected inaccuracies, which has lead to new comments at Moonglow and Terfin. Apart from that, I began to decorate the whole site with proper screenshots.
And I’ve got a new link - Ultima lives...

Website news: New server
October 27th 2001, by Hacki Dragon

Hacki’s Page has changed the server - no more nasty ads at last! Please update your bookmarks and links.
There is new content as well: Some new inaccuracies at New Magincia, Moonglow, Skara Brae, Terfin, Flora and Fauna, and the older Ultimas. Oh, and I have a quiz now, which let’s you test whether you really understood Ascension.

Nitpick news: New nitpicks and Ring of Dragons
October 23th 2001, by Hacki Dragon

New stuff at Skara Brae, Flora and Fauna, the Tapestry of Ages, New Magincia, Britain, and Lord British’s Castle. There are some new inaccuracies at the old Ultimas as well, but there is a lot more to come!
Other additions to Hacki’s Site: a news archive, pretty “news” graphics, and a new link. Furthermore, I joined the famous Ring of Dragons!

Website news: Older Ultimas
October 17th 2001, by Hacki Dragon

While the counter crossed the 2000 mark, a new section was added to Hacki’s site: Old Ultimas! However, due to lack of time, I have not listed every inaccuracy in the predecessors of Ascension discovered by me or others yet - so there is more to come!
In addition, there is a new link.

Nitpick news: New nitpicks
October 7th 2001, by Hacki Dragon

New inaccuracies nonstop - this time at Earth, Skara Brae, the Tapestry of Ages, Britain, the Flora and Fauna, New Magincia, Minoc, the Journal, Yew, the topography, and Terfin, together with two new links.
The great news is that Hacki’s Ultima Page has won Tom’s Ultima Fantasy Award!

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