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Website news: Major site overhaul
November 28th 2001, by Hacki Dragon

I’ve done a major overhaul to the site! The most important changes: There are no more frames, and there is a new arrangement of the inaccuracies within the different sections. Read more about it on the new welcome page.
As usual, I’ve added lots of new mistakes, i.e. at Yew, Trinsic, the Journal, Skara Brae, New Magincia, the topography, the Flora and Fauna, and the older Ultimas. A minor update has been done with Valoria as well. New patch comments can be found at Yew, Lord British’s Castle, Minoc, and Flora and Fauna. Additionally, four new links.

Nitpick news: New nitpicks
November 4th 2001, by Hacki Dragon

New inaccuracies at Terfin and New Magincia, also new patch comments at Yew and Lord British’s Castle. The section “Older Ultimas” expanded as well, especially through an Ultima 8 part. The topography section has a slightly new design now, and to make things perfect, I uploaded some new screenshots.

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