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Ultima news: Lazarus Alpha Demo 1.0 - It's here!
February 1st 2004, by Hacki Dragon

What a day! I pity everyone who does not own the game Dungeon Siege now. Go visit the Ultima V Lazarus website and get it:

The Lazarus 1.0 Alpha demo!

A strong sign of life from the entire Ultima community. After years of development, the time is actually ripe for a first demo of the huge mod. It contains the following features:

  • A glimpse into the world of Britannia: All of Verity Isle is yours to explore!
  • A robust dialogue system
  • Beautiful custom artwork
  • Vicious monsters and cunning wizards
  • Digitally re-mastered orchestral soundtrack

The wraiths came this morning. There were three of them. They walked through the stone. Their blackness was deeper than the shadows from which they emerged. They took our lord with them. I was powerless to stop them. I am afraid we all are.

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