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Nitpick news: Ruuule Britannia, Britannia ruuule the waaaves!
January 16th 2004, by Hacki Dragon

What can I say? I’m back. I told you Hacki’s Ultima Page wasn’t dead. Sorry for the shortly longer than expected delay. There are four things that can harm a site like this:

  1. A university study
  2. A broken computer in the summer
  3. The sudden desire for a general overhaul
  4. Everything combined

Enough lamenting: I hope you like the new look, the slightly edited nitpicks structure (mainly the new category nitpicks in the whole series), and the new nitpicks, of course. I hope you’ve visited Dino’s Ultima Page a lot to stay updated on Ultima business while I was absent. I’ve also got a new e-mail adress: Poor Microsoft has deleted my previous one. Well, that’s about it. Thanks for your mad patience.

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