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Nitpick news: Even more inaccuracies
March 30th 2002, by Hacki Dragon

Once again I went to search for new mistakes in the dialogues of Ascension myself, and found stuff for New Magincia and Minoc. Fellow nitpickers discovered oddities at Terfin and in the Journal.
Added a new inaccuracy at the Older Ultimas, too, i.e. for Serpent Isle.

Nitpick news: Some new inaccuracies at the Older Ultimas
March 24th 2002, by Hacki Dragon

A few new inaccuracies for the Older Ultimas, i.e. for Ultima 5, Ultima 6, and Ultima 7.

Website news: New poll
March 10th 2002, by Hacki Dragon

Who does not wish to know how his website is received by the audience? That’s why there is now the possibility to rate the new design of “Hacki’s Ultima Page” at the bottom of each page. View current results
Additionally, you can now leave a comment about this site in a new Guestbook.

Website news: Some errors on the website have been corrected
March 9th 2002, by Hacki Dragon

Thank you for the critiques and pointing out several technical erros on the site. The following errors have been addressed:

  • The navigation buttons in the upper part of the page are brighter now.
  • Links are set off by proper format.
  • There are now tooltip texts for the large navigation image in Opera and Netscape, too.
  • The script for preloading graphics works properly now.
  • Right clicking on the navigation image in the upper part will make a context menu appear in Internet Explorer.

Website news: The total redesign - finally!
March 3rd 2002, by Hacki Dragon

It’s finally done. After weeks of hard work, I present to you the redesign of my site. I must humbly remark that it looks far better now, and I cleaned the entire code.

Not much has changed about the content. I added the following to the site:

  • A neat Flash intro
  • A download section
  • A revised personal view of Ultima Ascension
  • An FAQ for the dialogue patch
  • My UIX quiz, which is not meant to be too serious, uses self-written code now

I added lots of new points, arguments, and inaccuracies from fellow nitpickers to the site, as I always did:There are two special new theories about the Avatar and Lord British that I’d like to recommend to my visitors. You can find it at “Lord British’s Castle”. Additionally, you will find new stuff at New Magincia, Britain, Terfin, Valoria, Yew, Minoc, Moonglow, and the Journal, as well as in the Older Ultimas section.
Many new Links complete the huge update. Have fun!

I thank all people who added to this site by writing e-mails and participating in my message board. “Hacki’s Ultima Page” would not be half as much fun without your help.

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