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Ultima news: Ultima 6 Project actually not dead
January 30th 2003, by Hacki Dragon

There’s an update on the Ultima 6 Project website, in which they even announce a demo.

Website news: New poll
January 23th 2003, by Hacki Dragon

The previous poll about the importance of the 8 Virtues ended as follows:

How much have the 8 Virtues influenced your real life?
1. If I took games that serious, I’d need a doctor: 33%
2. They are a well-designed philosophy for a game, but didn’t influence me in real life: 27%
3. They got me interested in philosophy: 16%
4. They changed my moral beliefs: 15%
5. They are my religion / ideology / philosophy: 9%

The new poll deals with runic languages...

Ultima news: Lazarus music
January 17th 2003, by Hacki Dragon

A new piece of music can be downloaded on the Lazarus website. It’s a fine rendition of the theme song.

Website news: Dissention Scene 6
January 9th 2003, by Hacki Dragon

And now we even have Scene 6 for the fan fiction story Dissention.

Website news: Dissention Scene 5
January 8th 2003, by Hacki Dragon

Scene 5 for Dissention is available.

Ultima news: Ultima 1: A legend is dead
January 2nd 2003, by Hacki Dragon

You should read this comment by Telemachos, teamleader of U1R, yourself:

“I’m afraid I have some bad news for those of you that are following the project solely because of its connection to the Ultima series - despite our earlier permission from Richard Garriott to create this game EA has decided that they will no longer allow us to use the name ’Ultima’ for our game. It turned out to be a tedious process trying to communicate with EA which is why we have had to keep you guys waiting for so long - sorry about that - but now it is unfortunately clear to us that we will have to shut down our project ’Ultima1 - A legend is reborn’.”

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