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Ultima news: Original plot of Ultima 7: Serpent Isle
June 18th 2003, by Hacki Dragon

As you know, the plot of Ultima 7: Serpent Isle was originally supposed to be even bigger, greater, and better. A document describing parts of the cut plot in great detail has recently been presented on the Exult forum. It’s mostly about the Moonshade part of the game. Most interesting!

Ultima news: Ultima 6 Project update
June 14th 2003, by Hacki Dragon

A demo of Trinsic has been announced on the Ultima 6 Project website. They are also looking for new team members.

Nitpick news: Many new nitpicks
June 8th 2003, by Hacki Dragon

There are a lot of new nitpicks, namely for:

  • Flora and Fauna
  • Terfin
  • Britain
  • Earth
  • Open questions
  • Ultima 4
  • Ultima 6
  • Ultima 7
  • Ultima 7 Serpent Isle
  • Ultima 8
  • Martian Dreams

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