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Website news: Thoughts on nitpicking
July 28th 2002, by Hacki Dragon

I’ve written an article about the topic “Is nitpicking insane?”.

Website news: More reviews
July 25th 2002, by Hacki Dragon

Even more madness for the “Ultima IX press” page. A number of new old reviews, most of them will make you either cry or laugh.

Website news: Birthday
July 21st 2002, by Hacki Dragon

Hacki’s Ultima Page celebrates its first birthday! This site has been around for one year now. Read an article about it.

Nitpick news: New material
July 20th 2002, by Hacki Dragon

New material for Ultima 4, Ultima 6, Ultima 7, Ultima 8, and Minoc.

Website news: New sounds
July 14th 2002, by Hacki Dragon

Added 3 new sounds to the media page:

  • Who are the Gargoyles?
  • You call me an idiot?
  • Youuu’re suppooosed to be FIXING things!

Nitpick news: Bigger nitpick update
July 13th 2002, by Hacki Dragon

New nitpicks at Trinsic, Terfin, the Tapestry of Ages, the Journal, Valoria, Ultima 7, and Ultima 8.

Website news: New poll
July 11th 2002, by Hacki Dragon

The last poll showed that most people would have loved to see the Bob White plot implemented in the game. The official plot, no surprise here, ranked last.

What’s the best Ultima IX plot?
The official UA storyline 7%
Bob White’s plot 42%
The original story taking place at the Guardian’s homeworld 20%
I have/had my own ideas 31%

In the new poll, which you can see to your left, I want to know how people like the UA soundtrack.

Nitpick news: Small update
July 6th 2002, by Hacki Dragon

Small updates for Valoria, Minoc, and Ultima 7. Plus two new questions in the FAQ.

Nitpick news: Many new nitpicks
July 5th 2002, by Hacki Dragon

The Terfin, Journal, Britain, Earth, Topography, Lord British’s Castle, Valoria, and Yew sections have been updated. You can also find new nitpicks for Ultima 5, Ultima 6, Ultima 7, and Ultima 8, as well as for the exotics Ultima 1 and Ultima 3.

Ultima news: Ultima 9: Redemption website
July 5th 2002, by Hacki Dragon

Ultima 9: Redemption now has an official website

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