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Website news: New nitpicks
September 30th 2001, by Hacki Dragon

Finally, the new update is here, with a whole bunch of new inaccuracies and also patch comments at Earth, Lord British’s Castle, Valoria, Terfin, the journal, the Tapestry of Ages, Britain, Skara Brae, Yew, and the topography.
In addition, there is a (working) Ultima Top Site now, and two new links.

Nitpick news: New patch comments
September 19th 2001, by Hacki Dragon

New comments or patch comments at Lord British’s Castle, Skara Brae, Earth, New Magincia, Britain, the Tapestry of Ages, and Minoc. In addition, I decorated the Tapestry section with some scanned pictures and uploaded two new buttons for the forum.
Finally, there is now a list of all who helped me nitpicking, on this site.

Website news: 1000 visitors
September 15th 2001, by Hacki Dragon

Thanks for more than 1000 visitors! A proper occasion to finally put a forum onto this site.

Nitpick news: New Magincia
September 11th 2001, by Hacki Dragon

New inaccuracies and patch comments at New Magincia! And a great new link...

Website news: Various
September 7th 2001, by Hacki Dragon

I changed the design a bit, so that everything is more clearly arranged and the patch comments are set off better. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for many of the new patch comments, because it will still take quite a long time until I will have replayed Ultima 9 - the reason for this lack of time: Some days ago, I became a proud member of Team Lazarus! (as German translator)
However, there are lots of new comments, new inaccuracies in the plot and new suggested explanations at the Tapestry of Ages, Lord British’s Castle, Valoria, New Magincia, Skara Brae, the topography, Terfin, and the Flora and Fauna.
To round off the site update, I have corrected a few style and grammar errors... In addition, I may happily announce that a link to my site can now be found at Fans for Ultima.

Nitpick news: New nitpicks
September 1st 2001, by Hacki Dragon

New comments at Britain, Moonglow, New Magincia and the open questions; additionally, many new patch comments at the topography, Earth, the Tapestry of Ages, Britain and the open questions. And two new links.

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