News archive January 2002

Nitpick news: New nitpicks
January 29th 2002, by Hacki Dragon

Just a small update yet, with new stuff in Lord British’s Castle, the Journal, the Tapestry of Ages, and the older Ultimas.

Nitpick news: Big update
January 12th 2002, by Hacki Dragon

big update, while the counter passes the notable mark of 5000. There are lots of new inaccuracies, notes, and patch comments, at Valoria, Yew, Lord British’s Castle, Skara Brae, Terfin, the Journal, New Magincia, and the older Ultimas.
There is a nice extra, too: JBO Dragon has made an Ultima IX wallpaper, which I liked very much, so I decided to make it available for download.

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